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About Us

Welcome to ShotDeck, the world’s largest fully searchable cinematic image database.

Founded by Lawrence Sher, ASC (DP of Joker, The Hangover Trilogy, Garden State) in 2014, ShotDeck was built by filmmakers for filmmakers. What started as a simple way to search and categorize our favorite shots has evolved into an incredible resource that celebrates the art of cinema and the artists who craft it. From pitch, to prep, to post, we want ShotDeck to help you express your vision every step of the way.

With a dedicated team working nonstop to add new and exciting features to the site, we’re always listening to make sure you’re having the best experience possible. So suggestions from users are greatly appreciated. Things like new feature ideas, issues you may have noticed, or even titles you’d like to see added to ShotDeck.

Since we use ShotDeck every day in our own projects, our number one priority is to build the scope and depth of our library. We’re adding thousands of new shots to the site every week and increasing the diversity of our library is an integral part of that push. Both the diversity of the stories being told, as well as the diversity of the filmmakers telling them. This comes in many forms: more filmmakers of color, more female filmmakers, more international films, more independent films, more art house films. We take this effort very seriously and we appreciate your patience as we work every day to get closer to that goal.

Thank you for taking some time to learn more about ShotDeck. We hope it will become an essential tool in your filmmaking toolbox. But above all, we hope ShotDeck will inspire you!